We are the voice of

The Eastern Caribbean cryptocurrency and blockchain community

Our Mission

We aim to foster and coordinate Eastern Caribbean's depth of talent, drive and enthusiasm to position it as a dominant force on the world stage. We will do this by engaging with regulators, policymakers, educators, for and not for profit organizations and technology entrepreneurs through direct communication to guide the public dialogue about blockchain technology.

Our Objectives

The main objectives of ECBA are to undertake the following initiatives:

Center of Expertise

Become the center of expertise for creating regulatory, legal, administrative and other conditions for the application of technologies and practices

Competence Center

Scale and replicate the best practices and implementations of blockchain technology in the region, available to commercial and public organizations of the Eastern Caribbean

Industry Standards

Standards for industry processes, including ICO, cryptography, blockchain, preliminary evaluation of projects planning ICO or token initiatives


To become an ideological trend-setter of a wide range of issues related to blockchain and cryptography

Place for Discussion

Collaboration between the members of ECBA, regulators and government bodies of the legislative and executive branches

Support and Marketing

To assist participants and assist in the employment of government and commercial markets, as well as in negotiations with investors

"Blockchain technology has the ability to fight corruption and to deal with failures of governance and governments and the rule of law all over the world."
David Cameron
Former Prime Minister of the UK

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